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Monday, August 11, 2008

Keyword Software

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Competition Dominator - Free Download

Competition Dominator - Dominate your competitors without them knowing it

At last, Detailed, Covert, Competitive Intelligence guaranteed to sneak under your competitor’s defences – from your own desktop.

This groundbreaking new software instantly puts you in command of both your market and your competitors.

“Wow Chris and Goran!”

I’ve been playing with the Competition Dominator and I can’t put it down. I can’t stop. I keep coming back to it all day long! It works flawlessly. Usually a program like this stalls out and craps out on you part way through. But the Competition Dominator works perfectly! Thanks for the Unfair Advantage!

Chris Carpenter
Author “Google Cash”

Whether you are an affiliate marketer looking for the highest return, a niche marketer working alone from home or the marketing Vice–President of a large online publisher, you will be given access to the really critical information that you will need to guarantee the success of your online marketing.

Market Intelligence – all on your desktop…

Take a look at just some of the things that Competition Dominator will do for you:

* No more guessing - Know exactly who your competitors really are in your market.
* Know exactly how much traffic they get on Adwords and others.

* Expose the exact keywords they are using to get that traffic.

* Know with complete accuracy where they are advertising.

* What keywords they rank for in the organic search engines.

* Which of their ads is working and which is not.

* Comprehensive visual market of all your competitors – know exactly who they are.
* Expose all their ads across all major search engines.
* Compare competitors – know their keywords an compare two competitors directly – head-to-head.

“Wow Chris and Goran!”

I’ve been playing with the Competition Dominator and I can’t put it down.

I can’t stop. I keep coming back to it all day long!

It works flawlessly. Usually a program like this stalls out and craps out on you part way through. But the Competition Dominator works perfectly!

Keyword Creator Software - Free Download

Keyword Creator is the software tool you need to find and research any keyword in any niche! You can use it to instantly create keyword content on your niche websites or for your article marketing. This invaluable tool helps you to perform fast and accurate keyword searches. Enjoy!

Internet Marketing Domination Software - Free Download

My Internet Marketing Domination Software FREE!

Internet marketing tools and software that come with resell and giveaway rights. There are 9 pieces of software included in this package. Keyword tools, forum marketing, backlink software, blog comment software, opt-in increase tool, powerful link cloaking/redirect software and much more.

Project Domination

Lists down all the projects you have on hand and categorizes them according to the level of priority (you'll NEVER forget about any important tasks you have anymore!)
Manages your time efficiently and you'll never have to worry about keeping yourself organized ever again.
Keeps track of the scheduled start and end dates of each project you enter so you know exactly how much time you have left for each project

Directory Domination

Contains over 200 directories that you can submit your sites to
Automatically rotate multiple titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure your links seem natural and be able to rank for multiple keywords.
Loads up to 10 browsers at the same time to speed up your submission process.

Optin Domination

Allows your subscribers to receive their rewards INSTANTLY without having to go to another page
Increases your optins magically by at least 200% and satisfy your prospects immediately
Add images, videos, audios or anything else that can be possibly be placed on a website as a thank you message after they opt in
Works with almost all of the main autoresponder services (such as Aweber, GetResponse and EmailAces)

Article Domination

Compares two articles side by side and reveal to you the percentage of duplicated content between the two articles
Saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the easy comparison
Displays the keyword density of each article for the keyword you've chosen
Helps to check on your freelance writers work and ensure all your content are not duplicated and will never be penalized by the search engines

Keyword Domination

Analyze the demand and supply of any niche market.
Uncover hidden niche markets with a push of a button.
Generate a HUGE profitable list of keywords with just a few clicks of the mouse
Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines.
Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN.
Save your results in excel sheet for deeper analysis.

Link Domination

Display Page Rank & Alexa rankings for hundreds of sites you enter.
Reveal number of backlinks for each websites from 6 different sources including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Alexa.
Display the number of pages in your sites indexed in Google & Yahoo search engines.
Allows you to spy on your competitors with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Saves you time and keeps track of your SEO and link building efforts
Export data in excel sheet for deeper analysis.

Forum Domination

Forum Domination offers the easiest and fastest way to customize forum posts and messages and helps you to organize them easily. You can keep a list of forums that are related to your niche as well as save your forum login details.
All these will free up a HUGE chunk of your time and enable you to be recognized as an expert in your field in the quickest time possible!

Blog Domination

Identifies Wordpress blogs with the 'nofollow' tag in the comments field in ANY niche you choose
Saves you time and effort from searching for blogs manually to leave comments on and building backlinks
Shows you the Page Rank of each of the individual blog posts itself and home page of the blogs
Displays the Alexa ranking of each blog (so you know what's the amount of traffic the blog receives)
Tells you if you have left a comment previously on the blog so you can track your link building efforts with much ease.
Allows you to save your findings and results for more effective tracking/analysis in the future.

Cloaker Domination

Hide your ugly affiliate links and boost your click through rate by at least 200%
Protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from the nasty affiliate thieves
Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others won't even notice it's an affiliate link (and you still credited for your commissions!)
Give you the ability to bypass merchant's squeeze pages and send your prospects directly to their sales pages or even the order page
Provide you the luxury of linking to even your own sale pages that you've created or other marketing materials in the event your merchants' sales pages are of inferior quality
Skyrocket your affiliate commissions and elevate you to the super affiliates status!

Niche Keyword Mine - Free Download

Discover the most amazing automated keyword research tool that will help you dominate ANY niche and CRUSH the competition! Now you can quickly and easily search profitable keywords in any niche and analyze your online competition in 3 major search engines with a single click! Find low competition keywords for high search engine placement



Trellian SEO Toolkit v2.0 - Free Download

Trellian SEO Toolkit v2.0

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Toolkit includes everything you need to optimize and promote your web pages, to increase your web site traffic and search engine visibility.

SEO Toolkit v2.0 Includes:

* SubmitWolf v7.0 - Automated Submission Tool
* Rank Checker
* Meta Tag Editor
* PPC Bid Comparison
* Keyword Manager (*)
* Keyword Suggestion Tool
* Keyword Density Analyzer
* Keyword Explorer
* Reciprocal Link Checker
* Ranking Advisor
* Link Popularity & Saturation Monitor
* Google Site Map Generator
* Server Header Check
* Paid Inclusion Manager
* Competitive Intelligence (*)
* ROI Calculator
* and more...



Niche Inspector - Free Download

Attention Adsense publishers and niche marketers...

Here's A Sneaky Way To Find
Extremely Profitable Niche Markets
With Little Competition
Frustrated Adsense publisher & niche marketer's personal income jumps drastically after creating a revolutionary new way
to find high-paying markets that nobody else knows about

Price : $97

Sales Page

Download Link

Full Software Download

HUGE Niche Keyword Lists - Free Download

How To Build HUGE Niche Keyword Lists

You'll Discover:

* How To Quickly, Easily And For FREE Build A Keyword List Into The Thousands To Help You Effortlessly Attract All The High Quality Traffic You Want!

Search Warrior Pro Application - Free Download

Search Warrior Pro not only automates the task of sending your query to dozens of specialized search engines, but also guides you in your search, providing relevant suggested keywords, relevant alternate keywords, and a lot more to make your search experience as productive and efficient as possible.

One thing I want to make clear about Search Warrior Pro’s functionality is that it does not aggregate search results (take results from multiple search engines and combine them on a single page) like a number of other search tools on the market.

Search Warrior Pro is different and unique, because it simply automates the process of sending your query to various search engines; it doesn’t strip your search results of all the ‘good stuff’. As you use Search Warrior Pro, you’ll quickly realize the benefits to this approach.

There’s a lot of great content online about practically any subject imaginable. To get to it, you need the right tool (search engine), and you need to use it effectively. Search Warrior Pro is the all-in-one search toolbox that makes it incredibly easy to do both.

Search Warrior Pro is very powerful, yet extremely simple to use, especially once you understand the basis of its design.