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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SEO Software

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Google SEO Dominator 2008 (Plus SEO Automation Tools

What Will You Do If You Can Automate The Whole SEO Process?

"Slap Search Engines In The Face
And Grab Top Rankings, Now!
With A Proven Step-By-Step Instruction To
Dominate SERPS In Less Than A Month!"

BREAK The Google Code And Use It to Gain TOP Ranking For Your Website!

DISCOVER My Secret Method To Generate UNLIMITED Amounts Of Backlinks To Your Sites!

REVEAL The Secret On Page Optimization To GAIN A Better Search Engine Ranking!

QUICKLY Generate A Complete Website In Any NICHE With A Push Of A Button!

ACCESS To My Hidden SEO Arsenal To Help You Automate The Whole PROCESS!

KEEP Your Website And Business Safe From Prying Hands!

Introducing Google SEO Dominator 2008 (Plus SEO Automation Tools)...

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Phantom Cloaker - Free Download

Will My Website Get Penalized?
Anyone using Search Engine Optimization Software, Including Cloaking, Redirects, etc can potentially be at risk of being removed from search results. Our software uses special techniques to insure your risk is very minimal. We recommend using Phantom Cloaker on websites that are not profitable. This will give you first hand experience on how powerful this application really is. When your sales start to skyrocket, you will see that the risk is very minimal compared to the rewards that come with using it.

Does This Software Really Work?
Of course it does. We would not be promoting a product that has not proven itself amongst the many other’s available on the internet. Phantom Cloaker works better than any product of it’s kind. Try it and see you have nothing to loose and everything to gain from using it. Watch your traffic counter soar with our powerful solution Phantom Cloaker!

What Does License Mean?
A license means exclusive rights to use the application for an unlimited amount of time. We offer 3 pricing structures. If you intend to purchase Phantom Cloaker for just one website then you would be required to purchase 1 License. If you plan to use it on multiple websites we require you to purchase multiple licenses.

Are There Files To Install?
The only installation files required are done automatically once you download the application to your desktop. There are no server configurations required to use the software. Phantom Cloaker comes equipped with a built in FTP manager to upload the generated files to your webserver.

How Do Search Engines Find The Content?
Follow the step by step instructions included in your user’s manual. The support content will explain in detail every step needed to get the software setup fast and easily. It’s takes literally minutes to fully optimize content for any specific market or keyword set. This includes every step of the process which takes less than 4 minutes to complete!

Price: $159.95

Site Info:

Password : Dismiss

Internet Business Promoter (IBP v10.0.3) - Free Download

How to get top 10 rankings on Google & Yahoo! The proven SEO software tool!

iBusinessPromoter (IBP) is a multi-award winning website promotion software tool. IBP helps you get high search engine rankings:

* Get top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and others.
* Get more website visitors and increase your revenue.
* Outperform your competitors.

Fact: If your website cannot be found on search engines then you’ll lose a lot of customers and sales. IBP helps you get high search engine rankings, more customers and more sales.

Analyze your website now
Save time, get more customers and more sales

IBP offers everything you need to successfully promote your website. It is a proven suite of professional web promotion tools that helps you with all aspects of website promotion and search engine optimization.

Price: US$549.95

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SEO Studio Enterprise Edition - Free Download

Get a Top-10 Ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN and Save Big with SEO Studio!!

You don’t need months to learn search engine optimization with SEO Studio. We have not only created the most powerful SEO tool on the internet, but we have also created a Free SEO guide that virtually holds your hand during your site’s optimization process.
SEO Studio gives you all the tools necessary to optimize and improve your website’s visibility instantly and gain top ranking for any keyword.
Finally SEO Made Easy and Simple

As an internet marketer you have hundreds of options to promote your website, but all cost a lot of money. The answer is getting a top 10 ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN and sending a steady flow of FREE search engine traffic to your website.

If you ever wondered how some successful websites get their top ranking and thousands of visitors a day, SEO Studio will put you in the know even if you are brand new to SEO.

By using SEO Studio, you’ll be able to reveal..

* What are the factors that affect search engine rankings
* Why your competitors are getting top rankings
* How to target the right keywords
* What are the seemingly invisible factors the search engines use to rank your site
* What are inbound links and how many do you need to beat the top sites
* How to optimize your pages without the risk of being penalized
* Finding the most suitable links for your site

Here is the Proof SEO Studio Works

Our own website is number # 1 and #2 for these very competitive terms on Google. Do you want similar ranking results for your keywords? Buy SEO Studio Now!

#1 in Google for SEO Software
#1 in Google for Search Engine Optimization Software
Gain Instant Free Access to the Best Free Web Promotion Software Tools and Training

Download the SEO Studio Free Edition now and learn SEO stress free with our free search engine optimization guide that will start you on the road to Google, Yahoo and MSN domination!

Advanced Search Engine Submitter - Free Download

What Exactly Can The Software Do?

Our website submission software makes it easy to submit (and then resubmit each month) your websites to 66 of the top search engines. Click a button....wait 10 seconds...and you're done. Don't pay others to do what you can do for yourself! The Software engine Database is constantly updated and always availagble for FREE so you can rest assured your software submissions are always current!

SEO Elite 4 - Free Download

“Cut The Bandwidth…Quick!”

Uncover The Brutally Effective SEO Software That “Average Joes and Janes” Are Using To - Quickly and Easily Blow Up Their Bank Accounts, Explode Their Traffic, and Triple Their Sales - With Little Or No Extra Work…

Version 4.0 Just Released!

Dear Traffic Seeker,

It’s become the ’secret weapon’ of choice these days…

…And anyone can have it!

You see…what you’re about to discover is far more than the latest software.

It’s a piece of cutting-edge technology powered by the cries of regular people just like you and me who were sick and tired of being kicked around the internet by their competition and the “big” SEO firms.

I say “big” because after I released this software to the world, a whole lot of things have changed online because…

Big SEO Firms Have Lost Their Iron Grip!

They no longer control the masses - they no longer control YOU.

…Because this incredible software has empowered the average person, any person, including you…to take command and control your internet traffic with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Imagine this ’secret weapon’ at your fingertips helping YOU get to the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN much quicker than any other way, and here’s undeniable video proof…

Price: $167

Site Info:

Password :

(after download,open the .txt file to get the license key)

Best Free SEO Software Ever - Professional Results!

Best Free SEO Software Ever - Professional Results!

Free SEO Software changes the way you surf the net! Optimize Your Websites - Manage Link Exchanges - Promote Your Website - Get More Traffic

It Changes The Way You Surf The Net!

* Detailed SEO Analysis
* Integrated with Internet Expl.
* Backlink Management
* Templates For Linking Pages
* Monitor Keyword Results
* Keyword Suggestions
* Manage Link Popularity
* Send Customized Emails


Trellian SEO Toolkit v2.0 - Free Download

Trellian SEO Toolkit v2.0

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Toolkit includes everything you need to optimize and promote your web pages, to increase your web site traffic and search engine visibility.

SEO Toolkit v2.0 Includes:

* SubmitWolf v7.0 - Automated Submission Tool
* Rank Checker
* Meta Tag Editor
* PPC Bid Comparison
* Keyword Manager (*)
* Keyword Suggestion Tool
* Keyword Density Analyzer
* Keyword Explorer
* Reciprocal Link Checker
* Ranking Advisor
* Link Popularity & Saturation Monitor
* Google Site Map Generator
* Server Header Check
* Paid Inclusion Manager
* Competitive Intelligence (*)
* ROI Calculator
* and more...


SEO SmArticle Composer - Free Download

SEO SmArticle Composer takes the best bits of the NPB (Niche Portal Builder) template and incorporates those elements within the site.
- SEO SmArticle Composer creates real pages (rather than making dynamic pages up "on the fly")
- SEO SmArticle Composer Allows You To Build Easy Adsense Sites With PLR Articles - Push Button Easy...
- SEO SmArticle Composer makes it extremely easy to create SE traffic & Adsense income without hundreds of hours of tedious website building!
- SEO SmArticle Composer creates pages that have no extra rubbish on them that distracts from AdSense.
- SEO SmArticle Composer makes it easy to add more pages (articles menu auto-updates when pages are added)
- And then SEO SmArticle Composer ads in the special sauce... a highly responsive template made to channel visitors into making a click.
- Most importantly, SEO SmArticle Composer uses real, useful content that adds real value to the 'net.
- Last but not least, it's really quick to build a site within just 5 minutes if you're fast, 10 minutes if you're slow with SEO SmArticle Composer.

- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to pick and choose articles to be made into individual web pages
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to create meta keywords, and meta description for article pages *automatically*
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to choose file extension (php or html) = less footprints
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to choose filename spacer = less footprints
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to select actual filename convention = less footprints
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to output to a new folder to save your newly made site.
- SEO SmArticle Composer has a Hidden Feature: Tokenizing. This allows the ability to use a KEYWORD token to increase the keyword density of the Article Pages.
- Hidden Feature: SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to use Includes In Pages. The ability to add extra content to pages by simply amending a file in the includes directory.
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to change Meta Description and Keywords on all pages other than the Article Pages - simply by amending 1 file.
- SEO SmArticle Composer's Color & Style of Links are created to match Adsense.
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the limited Ability to change Site Theme via Style sheet (for advanced users)
- SEO SmArticle Composer gives you the ability to keep your original PLR articles in original condition.
- SEO SmArticle Composer Automatically adds h1 and p Tags to the Article Pages Content.

#1 SEO Article Rewriter - Free Download

Online Article Rewriter is a script that turns your articles into unique content. It uses a build in rewriting engine to turn your articles into unique text. Forget about duplicate content penalty, using this, all your pages will contain 100% unique written content.

Get an article, Copy+Paste into the form, click Rewrite and in less than 3 seconds you've got yourself an 100% UNIQUE ARTICLE (copyscape passed).

Just think about it. You have an unlimited source of unique content, which search engines love. People are paying good cash for it, sell the unique articles or make use of them for your own.

How easy to use it is ?
It can't be easier than this. You just have to upload the files and access it in your browser. That's all.

How is the rewriting being made ?
Rewriting it's made through a built in engine. Some well thought rewriting rules and a thesaurus database of more than 40000 words,
provide the state of the art rewriting engine.

Advanced SEO Techniques - Free Download

Learn how to get Blog high rankings in the Seach Engines. You’ll also learn:

- What are algorithms and why they matter

- How effective backlinks really are, and how to set them up

- The ins and outs of cloaking

- The facts about spiders and crawling your blogs or website

- Step by step guide to optimize your website or blog

-Dynamic URLs, frames, and redirects

- Keyword stuffing & spamming

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